Focus on Capital: New Approaches to Developing Latin American Capital Markets

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dc.contributor Masci, Pietro
dc.contributor Dowers, Kenroy
dc.creator Goldstein Rossotto, Karen
dc.creator Peterson, Robert J.
dc.creator Masci, Pietro
dc.creator Giorgio, Luis Alberto
dc.creator García, Valeriano F.
dc.creator West, Derek
dc.creator Lee, Ruben
dc.creator Agatiello, Osvaldo R.
dc.creator Hook, Andrew
dc.creator Dowers, Kenroy
dc.creator Sotomayor, Ivan
dc.creator Gomez-Acebo, Felipe
dc.creator Corcoran, Andrea M.
dc.creator Chandler-Crichlow, Catherine
dc.creator Lubrano, Mike
dc.creator Kuserk, Gregory J.
dc.creator Wittich, Georg
dc.creator Korcsmaros, Kinga
dc.creator Aggarwal, Reena
dc.creator Wuertz, Karen K.
dc.creator Takacs, Hannes
dc.creator Vives, Antonio
dc.creator Karmel, Roberta S.
dc.creator Hobson, Ronald B.
dc.creator Tafara, Ethiopis
dc.creator del Valle, Clemente 2010-10-15T20:31:28Z 2010-10-15T20:31:28Z 2003-01-01 2013-09-21T07:36:06Z 2014-09-08T20:47:58Z 2014-09-08T20:47:58Z 2014-09-08
dc.identifier 9781931003490
dc.identifier General Financial Markets
dc.identifier Financial Institutions and Services
dc.description This book analyzes the status of the markets in Latin America and identifies the technical, political, and financial challenges to building vibrant capital markets and increasing the efficiency benefits of regional economic and financial integration.
dc.format ACROBAT
dc.language en
dc.subject Financial Markets
dc.subject Mercados financieros
dc.subject Financial challenges; capital markets; regional economic integration; structural policies; market infrastructure; corporate governance; ethics; emerging economies; human capacity development; cash markets; macroeconomic environment
dc.title Focus on Capital: New Approaches to Developing Latin American Capital Markets
dc.type Books

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