Ethnicity and Human Capital Accumulation in Urban Mexico

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dc.creator Winder, Natalia
dc.creator Ñopo, Hugo R. 2011-02-07T21:15:29Z 2011-02-07T21:15:29Z 2008-12-21 2008-12-21 2014-08-29T09:18:33Z 2014-09-09T00:15:29Z 2014-09-09T00:15:29Z 2014-09-08
dc.identifier Household Production and Intrahousehold Allocation
dc.identifier Economics of Minorities, Races, and Immigrants; Non-labor Discrimination
dc.identifier Urban, Rural, Regional, and Transportation Analysis; Housing; Infrastructure
dc.description This study analyzes social mobility and human capital accumulation among ethnic minorities in Mexican urban areas, exploring changes in educational attainment and labor market status and using panel data from the Mexican Family Life Survey (MFxLS). The results indicate important ethnic differences in human capital accumulation patterns, especially in education, where non-indigenous individuals seem to accumulate human capital more rapidly than individuals of indigenous descent. Also, key socio-demographic characteristics linked to those patterns of human capital accumulation seem to differ between indigenous and non-indigenous individuals. In particular, for indigenous peoples in urban areas, human capital accumulation and wealth accumulation seem to work as substitutes rather than complements in the short run.
dc.format ACROBAT
dc.language en
dc.relation IDB Working Paper Series
dc.subject Educação
dc.subject Education
dc.subject Educación
dc.subject Poverty
dc.subject Pobreza
dc.subject WP-660
dc.title Ethnicity and Human Capital Accumulation in Urban Mexico
dc.type Working Papers
dc.coverage México
dc.coverage Mexique
dc.coverage Mexico
dc.coverage México

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