Inequality, Institutions, and Informality

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dc.creator Gradstein, Mark
dc.creator Chong, Alberto E. 2011-02-07T21:19:03Z 2011-02-07T21:19:03Z 2004-09-01 2004-09-01 2013-12-29T10:57:39Z 2014-09-09T00:48:58Z 2014-09-09T00:48:58Z 2014-09-08
dc.description This paper presents theory and evidence on the determinants of the size of the informal sector. We propose a simple theoretical model in which the informal sector's size is negatively related to institutional quality and positively related to income inequality. These predictions are then empirically validated using different proxies of the size of the informal sector, income inequality, and institutional quality. The results are shown to be robust with respect to a variety of econometric specifications.
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dc.relation IDB Working Paper Series
dc.subject Economia
dc.subject Economics
dc.subject Economía
dc.subject Desenvolvimento Social
dc.subject Développement social
dc.subject Social Development
dc.subject Desarrollo social
dc.subject WP-516
dc.title Inequality, Institutions, and Informality
dc.type Working Papers

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