Billions in Motion: Latino Immigrants, Remittances, and Banking

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dc.creator Pew Hispanic Center (PHC)
dc.creator Bendixen & Amandi (B&A)
dc.creator Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento (BID)
dc.creator Banque Interaméricaine de Développement (BID)
dc.creator Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
dc.creator Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) 2011-02-08T16:08:51Z 2011-02-08T16:08:51Z 2002-11-22 2013-11-14T08:53:46Z 2014-09-09T01:58:33Z 2014-09-09T01:58:33Z 2014-09-08
dc.format ACROBAT
dc.language en
dc.subject Remittances
dc.subject Remesas
dc.subject Business Development
dc.subject Desarrollo empresarial
dc.subject Microbusinesses & Microfinance
dc.subject Microempresas y microfinanciamiento
dc.subject CSR
dc.subject Responsabilidad social empresarial
dc.subject Globalization & Regionalization
dc.subject Globalización e integración regional
dc.subject Financial Services
dc.subject Servicios financieros
dc.subject Setor Financeiro
dc.subject Financial Sector
dc.subject Sector financiero
dc.title Billions in Motion: Latino Immigrants, Remittances, and Banking
dc.type Discussion Papers & Presentations

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